What is Hydroxycitric Acid?

Garcinia Cambogia is an indigenous fruit that grows wild in Southeast Asia, India, and some areas of Africa and contains the active ingredient Hydroxycitric Acid. Long used in ancient herbal medicines, Garcinia Cambogia is considered beneficial regarding a number of health issues. Hydroxycitric Acid is believed to be the proactive agent in Garcinia Cambogia that promotes weight loss.

Hydroxycitric Acid

How Does Hydroxycitric Acid Work?

Garcinia Cambogia is thought to suppress appetite, diminish abdominal fat, prevent fat buildup, and boost metabolism when used as a supplementary herbal weight loss agent.

Garcinia Cambogia protects the body from the following health issues:
• Ulcers
• Diarrhea
• High cholesterol
• Diabetes
• Heart disease
• Gastrointestinal disorders

Garcinia Cambogia Benefits

Current research concerning the overall health effects that Garcinia Cambogia offers requires more study. But, there is clear evidence that Natural Garcinia Cambogia does indeed offer some key benefits. Take a look at the following results regarding the research behind the effects of Garcinia Cambogia.

1. Weight Loss

Although there’s a great deal more research that needs to be performed on the general effectiveness of Garcinia Cambogia supplements as well as the effects of Hydroxycitric Acid, there’s strong preliminary evidence that illustrates that Garcinia Cambogia can help against the dangers of obesity.

Losing Weight Garcinia Cambogia

For instance, in a study performed in 2005 with ‘Food and Chemical Toxicology, Garcinia Cambogia was discovered to combat the accumulation of body fat when tested on lab rats.

Furthermore, a profound study with ‘Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry’ discovered that Garcinia Cambogia helped decrease the buildup of key visceral fat in rats, which is a kind of fat found in the body’s abdominal cavity.

Past studies confirm that visceral fat increases the risk of major health problems such as diabetes and heart disease if it’s present in excess within the body.

2. Ulcers

According to an in-depth study conducted in 2002 and published in the renowned ‘Phytotherapy Research, Garcinia Cambogia has been shown to help in treating ulcers. When tested on lab rats, researchers found that Garcinia cambogia helped ease ulcer symptoms by decreasing acidity levels in the stomach.

3. Diabetes

Preliminary studies suggest that the popular supplement Garcinia cambogia can help keep diabetes in check. In a study published in 2003 by ‘Fitoterapia, for instance, several tests conducted on mice illustrated that Garcinia Cambogia helped improve the metabolism of blood sugar.

4. High Cholesterol

In 2008, the results of a small study on the effects of Garcinia Cambogia were published in ‘Phytotherapy Research. Scientists reached the conclusion that the use of Garcinia Cambogia along with the effects of a water-soluble polysaccharide dietary fiber called glucomannan may, in fact, lower the levels of cholesterol in obese individuals.

High Cholesterol

For the said study, nearly 60 obese individuals either took a placebo or a mixture of Garcinia Cambogia containing Hydroxycitric Acid along with glucomannan for a total of 12 weeks.

The research confirmed that once the study was completed, members of the study group experienced a considerable reduction regarding cholesterol levels as compared to the other members in the placebo group.

Although it’s not 100 percent known for sure whether or not Garcinia Cambogia can independently help reduce cholesterol, it’s important to note that further research is necessary. However, with a nutritious diet, regular exercise, and the added benefit of Garcinia Cambogia, there’s an increased chance of losing weight overall.

Garcinia Cambogia For Weight Loss

Because of limited research, Garcinia Cambogia will continue to be studied to learn more about the overall effects and benefits it offers. If you’re thinking about using Garcinia Cambogia, discuss it with your doctor in order to determine if it’s appropriate for you as well as learning the potential benefits and risks.

Garcinia Cambogia Cleanse Results

Remember that alternative medicine and supplements should never be used as the main substitute for good standard health care. Treating a condition yourself and delaying or avoiding mainstream health care could potentially have dire consequences.

Where Can I Find Garcinia Cambogia?

Garcinia Cambogia supplements can be found at virtually any drugstore, stores that offer natural foods, specialty stores with a wide variety of dietary supplements, and online. Make sure when you buy Garcinia Cambogia that you are buying a supplement with at least 60% Hydroxycitric Acid. Anything less than 60% HCA and it may not be effective for weight loss.

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