Prebiotics Vs. Probiotics

Probiotics are the good bacteria that help keep your digestive system working properly by making sure the harmful bacteria’s cannot grow and spread. Prebiotics are the carbohydrates that should not ever be digested or consumed by a human body. Prebiotics are considered the food that helps keep the probiotics alive. Technically, when the probiotic consumes the prebiotic, the two combine into what is called a symbiotic.

The best types of food to consume that contain both pre-biotic and probiotic bacteria’s happen to be fermented dairy products. Below is a list of fermented dairy foods in which contain both types of biotics:
– Yogurt
– Kefir
– Cheese
– Sour cream

It may not be a large list but at least there is an option for those of you who can eat milk products and want to regulate your digestive system. The list of foods that contain prebiotic’s is a bit longer but still has few options to choose from:
– Raw garlic
– Raw jicama
– Raw or cooked onions
– Acacia gum
– Raw chicory root
– Raw Jerusalem artichoke
– Raw dandelion greens
– Raw leeks

What are some benefits of adding prebiotics to your diet?

There are plenty of reasons why one should completely take care of themselves from head to toe but let’s face it, we don’t always do the right thing for our health which is why adding these live little soldiers to your food intake each day can help with certain things that you may not think of all the time. Some of the benefits of adding more prebiotics include:
– Lower inflammation and autoimmune reactions
– Lower risk of cardiovascular disease
– Lower risk of obesity and weight gain
– Healthier cholesterol levels
– Higher immune function
– Better digestive health
– Better hormonal balance
– Improved stress responses

Some of these things may not it exactly be cured but do include symptoms such as:
– Diarrhea
– Intestinal infections or even disorder such as Crohn’s disease
– Leaky gut syndrome
– Controlled blood pressure

There may be plenty more that prebiotic’s help towards but there are things that he cannot do alone which is where the probiotics come into play.

What are some benefits of adding probiotics to your diet?

Just like prebiotic’s, the probiotics have their own specific jobs that can help improve your health immensely. Some of these benefits include:
– A boost in your immune system
– Helping prevent and treat urinary tract infections are UTIs
– Helps improve your gut and digestive system and the way it functions
– Helps heal the symptoms of IBS
– Helps prevent or maintain eczema in children
– Help keep awake cold and flu symptoms
– Also helps towards weight loss

Eating the right foods is very important as well which means try to take in the ones that have plenty of probiotics in order to help whatever your symptoms maybe. There are some things out there that contain what are called probiotic killers so beware of the below foods:
– Prescription for antibiotics
– Sugar
– Tap water
– Any foods containing GMO’s
– Grain
– Any types of chemicals or medications ingested.
– And although this is not considered a food, stress is a top probiotic killer.

How do probiotics and prebiotics work in the body?

Probiotics work by absorbing in things such as vitamins, minerals, glucose, and fatty acid’s in order to use them towards the proper functions in the body. Probiotics are also great for producing SCFA butyrate, vitamin K2, enzymes, and b vitamins. Without these things, the function of your bowel movements, by all creation, bloodstream, and immune functions would not be able to properly protect against the bacteria’s, viruses, and parasites that enter our body. Also, protection against toxins, infections, and cancer Will all be put at risk without probiotics.

Prebiotics work in the body as fuel for the probiotics. Without prebiotics, the probiotics would never be able to do their job or survive. Because this allows for the probiotics to make it all the way through the digestive system without dying, once it arrives at the colon, the bacteria grows and produces any source of nutrition that the colon might need.

So, as you can see, adding probiotics and pre-biotics to your daily diet will help you dramatically. There are other foods that contain these benefits for those of you who have certain allergies.

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