Dr. Oz On Colon Cleanse Health Benefits

Dr. Oz is a leading heart surgeon and the host of an extremely popular medical advice show. Dr. Oz has been able to offer plenty of advice on how to live healthy, and one of his most recent topics is how to detoxify your body with a Colon Cleanse. Cleanses are one of the most popular ways to rid one’s body of toxins, lose weight, and to get your digestive system working properly.

Benefits Colon Cleanse

Doctor Oz’s Colon Cleanse is designed to provide calories during the cleanse. This is important as starving oneself can be bad organs such as the liver, and it will result in your metabolism slowing. This will result in you losing less weight, and you may even gain more weight once you start eating again. The cleanse offers all the nutrients that one needs, and it is designed to protect and support that three internal organs that are most effected by a cleanse.

These organs are the liver, kidneys, and the colon. These organs are in an important part of digestion, and they are the areas that toxins tend to build up. By protecting these three organs Dr. Oz’s cleanse protects these organs from receiving too many toxins from the rest of the body, and it allows them to recover the effects of toxins during the cleanse.

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Most cleanses involve drinking water mixed with a substance that contains a lot of sugar, and another substance that helps to move one’s bowels. In many cases, the sugary substance is syrup or just plain granulated sugar. This means that one’s body is running only on raw sugar, which can be very bad for the body. The sugar causes repeated crashes throughout the day, and it will make the body feel like it is starving while it is taking in calories.


Doctor Oz’s cleanse combines various fruits, nuts, and vegetables that are consumed in a kind of shake. This means that while one is consuming a lot of sugar, the sugar is in a more complex state that actually needs to be digested. In addition, the fruits and vegetables contain fiber that makes the body feel full, and helps make the cleansing process more comfortable.

The cleanse features three different meal shakes that are meant to be consumed for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Each one of the cleanses are designed to suite the meal they are replacing, which offers a feeling of normalcy during the cleanse. There is also a snack shake that can help one get over the hump between breakfast and lunch.

Before After Losing Weight

The foods in these cleanses contain plenty of vitamins and minerals that will keep the body healthy during the cleanse, and are able to further help one feel full. These shakes are very delicious, and many people get in the habit of consuming these delicious and healthy shakes as healthy snacks and meal replacements when they are not on a cleanse.

Along with the meal and snack shakes, this cleanse also features several snacks that are solid, and can be consumed right after a meal. These snacks are a combination of nuts and vegetables that have been prepared to add some more nutrients, and so they will be very tasty. These snacks really do help with the feeling of not eating solid food, and can greatly reduce one’s cravings.

This has the benefit of making one more comfortable during the cleanse, and it also helps to reduce the risk of eating a lot of food after the cleanse in order to make up for all of the food that one did not eat. These snacks are something that is not featured in other cleanses, and they can greatly reduce the risk of gaining all of the weight lost during the cleanse right after it ends.

Colon Cleansing Foods

Finally, this cleanse includes a few healthy teas that you drink at all times, and will help you stick to the cleanse. The teas are able to fill your stomach, and work while as a replacement for soft drinks, coffee, and tea. The tea is gentle on the stomach, very tasty, and contains detoxifying nutrients.

Dr. Oz’s Colon Cleanse is very simple to follow with many health benefits, and leaves very little to worry about. All that one needs to do is consume the three meals, the snacks, and the teas during a two day period. Other that there is nothing else that one needs to do, and this cleanse is not like other cleanses that simply require you to drink as much of a drink as possible. The cleanse should help you lose a few pounds, clean out your colon, and you should feel better from there being less toxins in your body.

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